Garlic Scallop with Vermicelli

In five minutes, the delicious dish will be ready. As the celebrity product of the Zoneco Group, this dish is very popular in China and sells well on the Internet. All scallops in use are carefully selected from the marine ranch of Zoneco with the MSC certification. Other ingredients, like vermicelli made from mung beans, garlic, chili, and non-transgenic soybean are all selected from the best of the best. With high-quality ingredients, this dish is finished after multiple procedures in a steril MORE >

Breaded Squid Ring

Crispy outside and tender inside. Typical as a minor dish for western families. Easy to fry and convenient to cook. MORE >

Black pepper salmon

Carefully selected from the middle part of American salmon fillets and cooked with fragrant black pepper. Easy to roast and fry. MORE >

Breaded cod steck

Crispy outside and tender inside, with fragrant and juicy meat. Easy to fry and convenient to cook. MORE >