Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing, worthy of 1.5 billion of yuan, is the major industry of development strategy of Zhangzidao Group’s ‘Three Resources’and ‘Three Support,' which is also the important strategic layout to adjust group industry structure and to expand the future market. With the development of Chinese economy, leisure traveling has become the major industry with a large potential. The group has 2000 a

square kilometers of modern marine ranches located 39 degrees of north latitudes. It has historical heritages such as ‘Dazhai at seaand ‘marine banks’and credit brand with decades of history. It also has perfect communications at sea and on the land, fishing facilities system, tourism product scale, and talents that start to take shape.

In 2011, Zhangzidao Island Marine ranches were granted the award of ‘Dalian recreational fishing testing unit by Dalian marine and fishery Bureau.' In 2012, it was awarded as the ‘nationwide recreational fishery demonstration base’by theministry of agriculture. Recreational fishery group built up the largest domestic recreational fishing base during the period of ‘twelve-five,' forging the high-end brand named ‘fishing in ZhangzidaoIsland.' At the same time, the company increases the investment in tourism auxiliary projects and service function. In 2013, Recreational fishery group constructed high-speed deluxe passenger ships in Taiwan with 23 million of yuan when they already had eight passenger ships and six professional fishing boats. Later, they invested 12 million in constructing two semi submarine sightseeing boats and five luxurious professional fishing boats in Shandong which are used in the business of sightseeing and fishing. The projects such as sailing and diving have been set up at the project of leisure tourism, aiming to make Zhangzidao Island as arecreational fishing center, recreational sports center at sea and promote the popularity of island travel brand named ‘leisure tourism Zhangzidaoisland.'

Zhangzidao Island recreational group offers customers freight, leisure fishing, marine sports, marine sightseeing, leisure holidays, organizing races, undertaking meetings, marine weddings, training expansion, business investigation and leisure tourism.