Argentinian Red Shrimp

The sea region in South Argentina is pure and clean, with a relatively low water temperature. Growing in this natural environment, Argentinean red shrimps are rich in nutrients and fresh in flavors. After fishing, all shrimps are quickly frozenbelow the temperature of -20℃ to keep the freshness and nutrients. The whole process of storage and transportation is operatedbelow the temperature of -20℃ to maintain the utmost freshness for customers. BUY >Check >

Product specification

Product name Frozen Cooked Argentinian Red Shrimp
specification L1、L2
Food/storage Roast or make as the sashimi. Store below the temperature of -20℃.
Shelf life Freeze and store for as long as 2 years.
Product features All Argentinean red shrimpsare fished in the natural sea region, in a low temperature and a clean water environment. Cooking steps for Argentinean red shrimps are simple, but the flavor is tender and delicious.