Zhangzidao Marine ranch is a national Marine ranch demonstration zone, as the company's main precious seafood resource base, is a new fishery production model integrating environmental protection, resource conservation, artificial breeding and ecological construction. With the unique geographical location and water quality environment of 39° north latitude, the sea cucumber, scallop, abalone, conch and sea urchin produced in this area have become Marine treasures. Zhangzidao sea cucumber, Zhangzidao abalone and Zhangzidao scallop have passed the organic product certification and obtained the National Geographic Indication protection products.

At the same time, artificial fish reefs and algae reefs are set up to repair and optimize the living and habitat environment of Marine treasures, so as to achieve green, healthy and sustainable development of Marine living resources.


Food research and development, as the engine and accelerator of the company's transformation from food ingredients to food enterprises, helps the company transform from traditional fisheries to modern fisheries. The company uses the enterprise independent innovation and industry-university-research cooperation platform to carry out innovation and industrialization demonstration of key technologies such as deep processing of seafood. Food research and development around strategic resources, around its own factories, around key channels, around the core customers, market-oriented, the development of sea cucumber, scallop, abalone and other Marine prefabricated vegetable products on the market cover nearly 300 varieties of four series of ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat, instant to serve consumers accurately.

The company has six large-scale seafood processing bases in Dalian, Rongcheng in Shandong, Zhangzidao and other places, and has established HACCP, BRC and other food safety management systems. Products introduced the "food safety supply chain monitoring", Zhangzidao sea cucumber has become the world's only SGS SCM Mark authorized aquatic products. The international food safety management and control mode and quality control requirements have prompted the company to continuously improve the management and control standards of food safety and product quality, and formed a seafood processing system with many categories and leading standards.


The company accelerates the construction of domestic and foreign markets and continuously improves the ability to serve the consumer market. The company has established a whole chain production and marketing system, such as raw material procurement, food research and development, production and processing, packaging and transportation, wholesale and retail, and after-sales service. The company's sales model according to the different characteristics of sales products, the establishment of self-support and distribution of domestic and foreign multi-channel, multi-level sales network.

The domestic market through the construction of live products, franchise, catering, circulation, supermarket, leisure food and e-commerce sales channels, focus on deep sea cucumber processed products, seafood leisure snacks and other advantages of the single product, at the same time, do a good job in product development and upgrading, continue to expand the "Zhangzidao taste" series of products, accelerate the release of Zhangzidao product quality value and brand value; The foreign market mainly strengthens and enhances the advantages and capabilities of international procurement, integrates the global resources of fish, shrimp, shellfish and other ocean products, and makes use of the company's sales network in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions to dedicate "Zhangzidao" products to global consumers.